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PDFmail is the first solution that enables you to convert all types of documents and reports into universal PDF format.


You can send PDF Files as standard, virus-free, email attachments. What's more, it’s quick and easy to create and save your PDF documents.

PDFmail - All the Advantages of the Universal PDF Format

PDF - Portable Document Format - is a universal and de facto standard format for World-wide electronic document distribution. It enables you to retain the fonts, page set-up, colours and graphics contained in the original document, irrespective of the applications or operating systems used to create them!

PDF files are smaller (much smaller than the source file) and can be shared, displayed, read and printed in their original format using the freely distributed Acrobat* Reader software [* Acrobat is registered trademark of the ADOBE Corporation]. You can convert all your documents into PDF format, including digitised paper documents and reports initially intended for printing. Document quality in PDF format is identical to that of a document created for printing direct from an application.
PDFmail - Create, Save & Email Standard Adobe PDF Files - Guaranteed Virus-free

PDFmail - the Essential Tool for Reliable & Safe Email

PDFmail makes it easy to tackle all the problems with email attachments:

  • No more problems with the size of your e-mail attachments
  • No more security problems - guaranteed virus-free
  • No more Mail box full, Attachment not received, resource exceeded, etc.
  • No more problems in reading attachments when the e-mail recipient doesn't have the same application, version, or Operating System as you.
  • PDFmail also enables you to send documents by email, which you previously could only make hard copies of (e.g. invoices, estimates, statistics, schedules, etc.)

Using PDFmail you have total liberty in transmitting your documents or reports. Irrespective of the application you are using, or the size of the file, PDFmail frees you from all previous constraints linked to document and report transmission and enables you, in one single operation, to send them by email in a universal and highly-compressed format.

PDFmail - Send your Documents in Total Security

PDFmail offers you password protection on your documents at two key levels:

By Prohibiting the Following Operations:

  • Printing
  • Modifying the document
  • Adding notes
  • Copying text from the document
  • The document sender has the choice of selecting all or part of these options. In this way, they can decide that all the recipient can do is print the document but not modify it. This option is especially useful when the documents are estimates or invoices.

By Password Request on Opening - to Ensure Total Confidentiality.
Only the recipient, who knows the password, can read the document. No colleague or secretary can open the attachment.

PDFmail - Fast and Easy to Use

With PDFmail, its child's play to transmit your documents or printed reports:

  • Select the PDFmail virtual printer from your program
  • PDFmail, through your Email Software, automatically converts your document to PDF
  • All you need to do is enter the recipient's email address
  • PDFmail interfaces with all commercially available messaging services. PDFmail also enables you to save your created PDF files to your hard disk.

    PDFmail, is a full range of software for either individual use with a PDFmail single workstation, or for a multiple workstation company set up using an automatic deployment module.

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Fosterbrook - Business Strategy Assessment, Email, Fax, PDF, Document Management Software & Consulting
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