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Neverfail for Exchange


Neverfail for Exchange is the most comprehensive high availability software solution for Microsoft® Exchange® that keeps your Exchange service up and running and creates application certainty for your end-users.


Neverfail for Exchange proactively monitors and manages all aspects of the application environment and maintains a complete environment replica as backup in the event of failure.


Unlike other software or hardware solutions that focus on recovering only from hardware and data failures, Neverfail for Exchange provides comprehensive failure protection for all elements of your IT system including data, operating system, system hardware, network and Microsoft Exchange, ensuring continuous application availability.

Neverfail - High Availabilty for Hardware & Software

Neverfail for Exchange
Effective business performance depends on effective communication. Email applications have become a lifeline for businesses of all sizes and users rely on these applications for business critical communication, scheduling, and collaboration. Downtime of these applications is costly to business productivity and revenue.

  • Can your business afford a loss of communications at critical moments?
  • Will your customers tolerate impaired service?
  • Can you guarantee service availability when your business needs it most?
  • How much does you business rely on Microsoft Exchange?
  • Not answer key customer emails about problems they are having?
  • Not receive essential materials because you couldn't communicate with your supplier?
  • Not turn up for an appointment because you couldn't view your schedule?
  • Not receive and act on that customer order you were expecting today?
  • Not send out that report that you had promised to deliver? All because your Exchange server was down?
  • All because your Exchange Server was down?

    Neverfail for Exchange replicates the complete application environment to a secondary server to ensure no single point of failure. Neverfail for Exchange constantly onitors your Exchange service and underlying system and proactively manages application or component failures. If a problem occurs, Neverfail for Exchange can either fix the problem or switch-over to the secondary system. In the event of a major system failure, Neverfail for Exchange will immediately detect the absence of the primary server, will failover, and restart Exchange on the secondary server, continuing service provision without impacting end-users.

    Comprehensive failure detection:
  • Monitors operating system, hardware, data (file system), network and Exchange application
  • Heartbeat between systems to ensure system & network integrity and rapid fault detection
  • Monitors key email services (inc. POP3, IMAP, SMTP) as well as Exchange
  • Replicates complete Exchange environment:
  • Captures logical I/Os and asynchronously replicates data to secondary server
  • Replicates Registry information (including active directory settings)
  • Verifies data contents are same on both servers
  • Dedicated Neverfail Channel for robust and high performance server to server communications
  • Dynamic Recovery:
  • Repairs failed services and applications to keep the Exchange service up and running
  • For more serious problems, can restart Exchange or switchover to secondary server
  • Controlled shutdown of Exchange on the primary server and transfer of control to secondary with minimum downtime and no data loss
  • Simple automatic switchback to the primary
  • Allows for maintenance and upgrades to take place while secondary runs Exchange
  • Immediate transfer of control to secondary server in the event of a major failure on the primary
  • Failover heartbeat can be run over a shared or dedicated network with single of dual channels
  • Switchback
  • Seamlessly switchback after failover to normal application state
  • Provides complete operational control after failover
  • Operational Benefits
  • Easy to install - installation can be completed simply by IT staff with minimal downtime of your existing Exchange server
  • Works across dissimilar hardware - secondary server can be dissimilar to primary
  • Does not require specialist software - works with your existing Exchange software and at the logical I/O level so does not need clustering versions of Exchange or Windows.
  • Uses standard networking technologies - servers can be physically separated for site protection.
  • Replicates data - does not require shared storage infrastructure but maintains exact copy for greater availability and robustness. Only replicates changes to the data.
  • Drastically reduces downtime for ongoing maintenance - Primary server can be upgraded and maintained while secondary server provides service. Primary server resumes service and changed data is automatically copied back.
  • Licensing

Neverfail for Exchange requires a secondary server for switchover and failover purposes.

Licensing is generally based on the server with the greater number of CPUs within a logical pair.

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