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NETSAT Fax Server


The NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server (NETSAT) is developed by FaxBack who specialise in Network Fax Software. 


NETSAT enables sending and receiving of Faxes from a Desktop PC without the delays inhrent in manual faxing. Electronic Fax also eliminates the paper handling and delays of manual faxing.


NETSAT lets you send and receive faxes through your favourite e-mail application. With NET SatisFAXtion's fax software, staff members can now send, receive, manage and track the status of faxes directly from their Email inboxes!


NET SatisFAXtion Fax Servers connect to your phone/fax lines and/or VoIP service providers via:
- VoIP gateways
- VoIP phone systems and IP-PBX's
- Legacy fax boards and cards


Quick and Easy Installation and Setup
Deploying NET SatisFAXtion is an easy process with many of the challenges of fax board installation eliminated because NET SatisFAXtion utilizes popular, low cost VoIP gateway hardware -in place of legacy fax boards- enabling the fax server to be up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to implement fax board hardware.


More information on the FaxBack website here: logo_faxback3

Fosterbrook - Business Strategy Assessment, Email, Fax, PDF, Document Management Software & Consulting
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NET SatisFAXtion - Network Fax Server for Exchange, Lotus Notes & SMTP
NET SatisFAXtion -  Readers Choice in Windows & .NET Magazine

Small Business Edition
Small Office & Workgroup

Enterprise Edition
Enterprise & Large Business

Carrier Edition
Service Providers & Carriers

Download Trialware

Download Trialware

Download Trialware

  • 2-4 fax lines
  • Cost Effective
  • Print-to-fax
  • Easy-to-Setup and Use
  • Complete and Powerful
  • 4-120 fax ports
  • Interoperable
  • Flexible
  • High Availability
  • Application Integration
  • T1, DS3, OC3
  • High Density
  • Scalable
  • Reliable and Secure
  • VoIP Enables Fax Machines

Ideal for small-to-medium business, workgroups and organizations. Enables 2-4 fax lines. Provides high-power fax server functionality in a flexible, easy-to-use, and cost competitive package.

Specifically geared for enterprise business requirements and sophisticated network topographies. This high-availability ready fax solution is scalable, easy to deploy and offers HTTPS, over the Internet, fax transmission options. Net SatisFaxtion supports virtualization and offers rich workflow and application integration options.

For the broad category of VoIP Service Providers and Carriers wanting to offer reliable and secure VoIP fax service options to their customers. Integrates with provider level billing, provisioning and authentication structures and offfers HTTPS, over the Internet, fax transmission options.

Features & Benefits

Leverage IP Networks
FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion fax server solutions are compatible with today's popular SIP T.38 supporting VoIP gateway offerings: including AudioCodes, Cisco, Patton, Multi-Tech, and others. NET SatisFAXtion merges the power and flexibility of fax server software with today's popular VoIP applications merging fax into the digital realm and offering high reliability, ease-of-use and cost savings.

Eliminate Expenses
With our fax-over-VoIP solution, not only is expensive legacy fax board hardware and support bypassed, but fax machines and costs associated with maintenance, toner and paper supplies are reduced or eliminated.

Improve Workflow Processes
Automatic fax routing and centralized fax archiving help automate manual processes commonly found with managing faxes; thus simplifying workflows and keeping faxes confidential and secure. Net SatisFAXtion integrates with most document management systems.

Increased Productivity
By eliminating the need to print documents, walk to and from fax machines, wait for transmission and track confirmations, employee productivity is dramatically increased.

Fax from Any Application or Device
Robust API's make integrating fax with any application easy using the NET SatisFAXtion fax-over-IP solution - without custom programming and coding or complex configurations. The software works directly with existing phonebooks and alongside VoIP and IP voicemail systems, as well as Multi-function Printers and devices (MFP's).

As your faxing needs change and grow, so will the NET SatisFAXtion VoIP solution - easily accommodating from 4 to 120 ports per system, allowing for high densities in small 1U chassis. Fax server systems can also work together for large scale installations, redundancy, and load balancing.

Easy Migration from Legacy Deployments
Using NET SatisFAXtion's fax-over-VoIP server enables organizations that have already made investments in VoIP networks to break free from specialized legacy PBX telephony hardware and leased line that traditional fax servers still require.

Significant Cost Savings
FaxBack can demonstrate a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with our fax-over-VoIP solution. In some cases, eliminating the cost of a fax board can potentially offset the cost of an entire VoIP rollout.

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