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Fosterbrook is marketing the RTE Software range of products. These include PDFMail (creation of industry-standard PDF files for use as email attachments), RTE NetAlert security solution that monitors servers and workstations on a network, implements corrective actions and provides notification for network staff so that problems can be corrected. Users can set tests to be performed using a standard Web browser. Eighteen types of tests including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, Telnet and Ping can be used in sequence. Type, frequency, success or failure criteria can be defined for each test and actions or alerts activated. .


Fosterbrook has been appointed to market the WorkGroupFolders Software in Ireland and the UK. This innovative software enables WorkGroups to use the shared resources of a Microsoft Outlook Network (Calendar, Appointments, Email, etc.) but without any need for an Exchange Server. It thus allows small to medium size companies to have the collaboration benefits of a larger company infrastructure but at much lower cost and with lower overheads.


Fosterbrook won an open tender by the University of Dundee in Scotland, to supply and install the the NET SatisFAXtion network fax server in the University Campus. The software has enabled University Staff to send and receive their faxes using their existing Email Client software.


Universe4 was launched at the recent DMS Europe Exhibition in Germany. This is a permanent consortium of companies which together offer best of breed solutions in Workflow, Security, Archiving, and Data Management for medium to large projects and clients. Other members of Universe4 include DocMan, GFT, UniPlex and AuthentiDate. Universe4 provide full project management services and collectively take responsibility for all elements of a total solution. Fosterbrook actively participates in Universe4.


Fosterbrook has become a full member of the 'e-docalliance'. This gives access to the International resources of e-docalliance partners in Workflow, Document Archiving, Knowlege Management and Technology, together with an enhanced range of expertise in International Projects.


Fosterbrook has launched the HYPARCHIV Document Management and Archiving System. HYPARCHIV is a product of GFT - inventors of the now established 'self containing & extracting' principle of Document Archiving. HYPARCHIV has 1,500 customers worldwide with 1 Million Clients working with HYPARCHIV.


Fosterbrook supplied 5 NET SatisFAXtion Workflow Fax Servers to Olicom in South Africa. They were installed at the 5 Branches of a major client in South Africa, serving 900 Users. The Servers enable effective control of their high volume of faxes and reduce paper handling through automatic conversion of faxes to electronic format.


Fosterbrook assisted One2One (the UK Cellular Mobile GSM Network) with their Public Access Information Systems. Because of the constantly changing nature of Services, Tariffs and Roaming Arrangements in the GSM Business, One2One needed a reliable 24 hour system which customers can contact from their Mobile Phones to access up-to-date information.


Fosterbrook officially launched the DocMan EmailFlow Workflow Software. EmailFlow is a new breed of e-business application for Email automation. It automates common business activities like order processing, sales follow-up, support and purchasing requests, and manages your corporate e-mail by intelligently routing Web Forms and Email! Because it automates the flow of information in a business by means of standard Email messages, it reduces staff training and systems overhead. ElectricNews press coverage here


Masterclass Ltd., a market leader in Business & Technology Consulting, has merged with Fosterbrook. This means that Fosterbrook is further strengthened by the additional expertise and international customer base that Masterclass provides. Fosterbrook will continue to provide Support to Masterclass Clients. Fosterbrook continues to grow and expand at a steady pace and now has additional resources to support its expanding international activities.


Fosterbrook successfully implemented a company-wide Workflow Management System for a major Telephone Network Provider. The system can automatically process customer and dealer enquiries, received by email or fax. It ensures that all messages are processed correctly. A comprehensive tracking and reporting system provides performance information.


Fosterbrook advised one of the largest US Software Companies on an International Document Distribution System. Semi-Public access was required to documents which, for legal reasons, they needed to distribute by fax. Fax documents are recognised in most International Legal Jurisdictions as having legal status with proof of delivery. We researched the market and sourced a suitable state-of-the art system for them. It was delivered, installed and operational with minimum delay. The system delivers documents automatically and reliably, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Fosterbrook has carried out a comprehensive Business Planning assignment for a major client. This involved the identification of Business Objectives and the preparation of a complete Business Plan and Financial Projections. Arising from this, the necessary funding was successfully secured and the client is now well on the way to achieving their objectives.


Fosterbrook prepared a major new International Banking Software Product for International Launch in London, England. This product enables medium to large size International Banks to process their Banking Transactions quickly, securely and reliably. Since its launch, the product has amassed a large order book and looks set to be a major success.


Fosterbrook has completed successful implementation of Voice/Fax Support systems at both Gateway Europe and Iomega Corporation Europe. These systems now enable them to provide a better multilingual service to their many international customers. Both companies are world leaders in their respective areas of business.


Fosterbrook was contracted by a major International Bank to produce a Staff Training Programme for their Head Office Departments. This involved the design of Course Structures and production of Illustrated Training Manuals, Course Presentation Material and Practical Exercises. The project was completed ontime and within budget. The Bank are very satisfied with the outcome.

Fosterbrook - Business Strategy Assessment, Email, Fax, PDF, Document Management Software & Consulting
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